The Police did a big concert last night in Rio de Janeiro, and Rodrigo was there, with Elen Jabour. Rodrigo is a big The Police fan, he talks that he remember of a specific time of his life listening the band, and he still remains buying cd’s until today.

out-1107.jpgIt is not of today that Rodrigo Santoro is seeing piloting a motion for the streets of Rio De Janeiro. He seems to be addicted to two wheels.

In the afternoon of this monday, 26, the actor was seen again in company of his Yamaha, in Leblon. The boyfriend of Ellen Jabourshowed that he is not neglected, using helmet. Who lives in the region can celebrate: the scene is if becoming common in the neighbourhood.

Everything is quiet in Rodrigoland, since he’s in vacation.

But I found some pictures from him, surfing in Rio de Janeiro, this month. Enjoy:

According to this pictures, Rodrigo seems to enjoy paparazzis. :lol:

These pictures were taken in last march 12, in Hollywood. Enjoy.

Hunky Brazilian is on his way to fame in America
March 11, 2007

Added to press library a interview made by with Rodrigo.

In the press notes Rodrigo Santoro speaks of his character in 300, Xerxes, a self-proclaimed God-King of Persia saying, “He’s rich, he’s arrogant, he’s a very unstable megalomaniac. He just wants to conquer the world. His ambition is unlimited. He wants glory; he wants victory; he wants eternal fame. Underneath all that wanting, though, he’s ultimately weak and very insecure.” He actually used some of those exact same words in my interview with him, particularly”megalomaniac.” However, this is a great description of his character, he is menacing but at the same time you get that sense of instability inside him and Santoro was able to bring that out.

Since his work in 300 Rodrigo has been cast in ABC’s “Lost” and while he can say very little about that we talked about both 300 and “Lost” with the Brazilian actor. Take a read and learn how he transformed from a small time actor into a God-King.

Read the interview!

Rodrigo was in Coldplay concert, last 26 in Sao Paulo/Brazil. I found 2 pictures to show you the arriving:

Every hawaian season we can find celebrities surfing or walking in North Shore of Oahu. With Santoro, can’t be different. The actor was found surfing in Rocky Point.