Rodrigo is cover of a brazilian magazine, TPM, and in interview he reveals that he’s not dating anyone.
He also told he’s not getting rich making movies. When he did “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” it has been said he received U$1 million to make the movie. “I almost had to pay to make it – he said – 60% of everything I get paid remains on USA, to pay manager, agent, bills”.

Scans of current magazine will be available here soon.

Added scans of a Brazilian magazine, “Pipoca Moderna”, with 4 pages talking about “Che”.

There’s no Rodrigo picture and the article it’s in Portuguese. But here’s some excerpts:

Che not counted with the American financing. “It is a Spanish film”, explains the producing Laura Bickford, who came to Sao Paulo with Del Toro and Rodrigo Santoro to promoting the movie. “It is spoken in Spanish, was shot part of Spain and performed through help of Spanish TV”.
But even so couldn’t have scenes captured in Cuba, thanks to the embargo of the USA. “We shot in Bolivia in all places where Che was. The party which is happening in Cuba was filmed in Porto Rico”, she said, recalling that, as Americans, could not film in Cuba. “No American has permission to do business in Cuba, but they enabled us to do research and talk with people who lived that history”

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You may are thinking: “Finally she started adding things to this site”. It was my fault, I’m sorry. But better late than never, right?
There’s new magazine scans and photoshoots added to our gallery. Thanks to Nat and Mariana for sending in the scans.
Both photoshoots are pretty new, sadly one of them have watermarks, but hopefully I can replace it one day.

And also, Lu has sent me a picture she taken from Quem Magazine, issue of January 02. She was in a beauty saloon and remembered us when saw a Christmas Card signed by Rodrigo to all the magazine readers. The pictures she took with her cellphone were also added to the gallery. Thank you!

2009 Magazines – Quem – January 02
2009 Magazines – Isto E Gente – January 12
2007 Magazines – Set
Photoshoot #28 – Taken in October 08
Photoshoot #27 – Taken in January

Added some pictures I was missing in the gallery, as the ones for NY Petrobrás Cine Festival, and some new scans donated by Mariana.

Rodrigo is in the new Isto É Gente, that bring us the list with the most sexiest brazilian celebrities, and also in the Contigo! issue, that list the most desired bachelor brazilians.

Petrobrás Film Festival – NY – Os Desafinados screening
Os Desafinados São Paulo screening *updated!
Cannes – Che Press Conference
Photoshoot #022 *updated!
Contigo! – August 28
Isto É Gente – August 25
Isto É Gente – September 01

Maria Rita concert and exhibition of “Os Desafinados” in Central Park open Cine Fest Petrobrás Brasil.

Central Park wins trail and style of Copacabana Beach tomorrow, in the opening of Cine Fest Petrobrás, stage of the internal circuit that happens in the Great Apple. The party will begins in great style, with a show of Maria Rita. Soon afterwards we’ll have the exhibition outdoors of “Os Desafinados”, (“Out of Tune”, the international title) of Walter Lima Jr., that opens in the end of the month in the Brazilian theaters. Until August 16 they will be exhibited more 13 films, among thrown them recently and other still unpublished.

The exhibition of “Os Desafinados” in NY wins importance because the city is character of the film, and it has a fundamental paper for the popularization of the Brazilian music. Director Walter Lima, that was there to exhibit his film in MOMA, speaks a little more on the subject: “We already showed the film in MOMA, in NY, for a vibrant audience and we will show it outdoors, in a big screen in Central Park, preceded by a show in commemoration of 50 years of the Bossa Nova opening the festival. My expectations with the film in the city are the best ones possible, since the filmings. During the presentation we will be present me, Rodrigo Santoro and Ângelo Paes Leme, and the members of the North American team”, tells Walter.

The film director insists in tells the importance of the city in his film: “It has a larger meaning in the expansion of the Brazilian music to the world. It was there that was made the first Bossa Nova international show, in Carnegie Hall’s fabled stage. The city is an icon of greatness and modernity, and it’s for there that goes all the talents that looked for recognition. It have an important paper in our characters’ path.”

Source: Globo Filmes

It was in a cold afternoon, in São Paulo, that we were face to face with the most famous Brazilian from Hollywood. Besides telling us that he adores to surf and to play tennis, he also revealed that misses Brazil. Check the interview!

I need to say: I saw Rodrigo at closer. The guy is beautiful, scented and speech of a way calm, very low, that he makes you to render alone attention in him. It seemed there not to be nobody in the room while we talked about the glamour of Hollywood – that doesn’t impress him – and how he misses Brazil.

Where do you live in USA?
Actually, I don’t live there. I live here, in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro. There I only have a suitcase. I live a gypsy life. Read the rest of this entry »

I got a really poor quality copy of the 1996 Sai de Baixo episode which Rodrigo did a great appearance. I tried to make some caps (actually I already did it), but it’s not the best caps you ever saw.

Also, my friend Mariana sent me scans from the latest “Revista de Domingo” (Sunday’s Magazine) from Jornal do Brazil, a newspaper from Rio de Janeiro. There’s 6 pages (8, plus cover and editorial) with pictures and information about Rodrigo’s new project, about football (soccer) player Heleno de Freitas.

Heleno de Freitas was a very good football player, but controversial, rude, temperamental, bohemian, that died at 39 years old of aneurysm (maybe because the life he lived, with drugs, alcohol, night and womens), after having gone in a mental institute, as crazy. As you can see, it will be a very strong role!

Sai de Baixo (1996) screencaptures
Revista de Domingo, July 2008

As I told you before, Rodrigo Santoro and model Caroline Trentini scored the Holiday campaign for The Gap, in billboards and phone booths all over America.

Still looking better pictures to show you. :)

There’s not too much around Rodrigo lately, since he’s in vacation here, in Rio.

According to EGO, Rodrigo may be book for the next Gap campaign, besides Sarah Jessica Parker and Terrence Howard.
His management don’t confirm this notice, so, we will stay tuned.

Added some scans to the gallery.

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