Well, finally the ones who doesn’t have access to Cable TV can view Rodrigo on Lost! Since last night, Rede Globo is showing the 3rd season, everyday after the last journal.
Last night we saw “A Tale of Two Cities”, and probably tomorrow we will see the first episode with Rodrigo on scene.

We will covering day by day, posting episodes sumaries (also pictures and videos) so if you’re brazilian, don’t forget to check our portuguese version of the site.

Todos os dias, devido à exibição de Lost pela Rede Globo, a versão em português do site será atualizada diariamente. Não deixe de verificar nosso endereço exclusivo aos fãs da língua portuguesa:


Also, some gossip websites are reporting the end of Rodrigo’s relationship with Ellen Jabour. I’m not giving them any credit because since Rodrigo and Ellen started to date, the press spots their marriage and their finished relationship many times. There’s no official word about this from Rodrigo, and Ellen’s agent doesn’t confirm the news.
Also, since I have a deeply respect from Rodrigo and his wishes, and I know he hates all this spotlight on his personal life, I won’t be talking about this here until we got an official word from him.

On the movies side, Redbelt will open in theaters April 25. Also, Os Desafinados finally will open in Brazilian theaters in May 02. Can’t wait!

Sorry for my late, but every fucking torrent was stopping at 91%. :x
I’m having some codec issues in making clipes from this episode. I’ll be uploading it as long I can convert the .avi file.

Uploaded 382 caps from the episode. Enjoy!

This episode was VERY cool for us as Rodrigo’s fan. And for me, as Lost fan, was some kind of “dvd bonus or deleted scenes”. I’m totally sure that everyone who’s blame Rodrigo for not talking that much, for not appearing that much, after saw him in Exposé, will think twice.
If you don’t want to be spoilered, don’t read the cut-off link.
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Finally added to the gallery promos from Lost’s episode 14, a totally Paulo centric episode (finally!). I know I’m a bit late with those pictures, but just now I’ve found it in a good quality. Enjoy and be aware, contain spoilers!!

Remember, the episode will be aired in US on May 28.

Don’t forget to leave your comments about the pictures. ;)

I’ve uploaded the video from ep10, aired today in USA, named “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”.

You can go out in our video section to download it.

Also, there’s a new section here: Sounds. I’ve just found a 30 minutes interview of Rodrigo to a brazilian portal dedicated to tv series.
The interview is in portuguese language, but I’ll be transcriting and translating to english, ok?

Enjoy it.

As we noticed here a few days ago…Rodrigo Santoro suffered an accident without gravity in Havai. According to “Globo”, Rodrigo was surfing when he fell and cut the foot. The periodical affirms that our boy was medicated, it was nothing serious.

Source: jbonline

When Rodrigo go to the Hawai, he didn’t imagine that surf would be his constat company. According to “Series etc.”, the actor is feeling bored in the island.Of course, is cool to be in a success tv show as “Lost”, but glamour is not that much in Rodrigo’s life. And the things are really boring.With few participations in the serie – he just had brief appearances in only three episodes of the third season – , Santoro told to closest friends that free time is bigger that he would like to. So, the Brazilian has surfing as never and already he would have hurt himself in the sea.Moreover, one day of work in “Lost”, in contrast of people can think, does not arrive to be a great chance to make friends. It’s a freaking rhythm of work, so he badly has time to talk with his “buddies”. Well… we hope Paulo’s flashback leave Rodrigo more satisfied and busiest.
Source: Lost in Series

According the colunist Daniel Castro, by “Folha de São Paulo” newspaper, Rodrigo can stay in Lost for more three seasons. Castro says the negotiations with the North American ABC already had started. Rodrigo entered in the third season of the series, that started in October on USA and arrives in Brazil in March, in AXN. He interprets the mysterious Paulo.According to colunist, last week ABC looked the actor. The intention would be to extend his participation until the end of the series, that must last six seasons. The actor, however, does not know if he would be ready to be as much time far from Brazil, according to closest friends. Santoro already is involved with projects in the cinema (He will live Carlos Gardel in a film, co-starred with the columbian singer Shakira, among others productions.) Moreover, he has a contract ending with Globo television, that also would have revealed intention to renew with it. [Source]