I’ve added new candids photos of Rodrigo Santoro shopping on April 23!

Candids Album > April 23 2014 – Shopping

Still haven’t found the current issue of TPM to scan, but the official site has posted pictures and the current interview (which I’ll be translating soon) so you can check it.

The gorgeous pictures also was posted in our gallery, so you can can check it there, too. Enjoy!

I made an update on the gallery, and added all missing appearances in 2008/2009.

Gallery Links
Public Appearances » 2008: Last Uploads
Public Appearances » 2009: Last Uploads

A few months ago, I received a warning about Rodrigo making a special photoshoot to Vanity Fair. Guess what? The shoot is out!

With West Side Story finally getting its first Broadway revival, photographer Mark Seliger re-creates scenes from the beloved 1961 film version with the help of Jennifer Lopez and friends. Maria, Tony, Anita, Bernardo, and Riff live again—at least until the end of Act I.

Obs: Thanks to Regys, who alerted a few months ago about this shoot. She’s a Ben Barnes fan and I’m pretty sure she was so excited waiting for the shoot than myself.

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I know I’m a bit late with some updates here. I’ll be working this week to give you a full update in all what’s going on with Rodrigo this past months!

Finally I was able to add “Os Desafinados” screencaptures to our gallery. And I cound’t stop capping. It’s a WONDERFUL movie, with greact actors that I’m really fan (as Claudia Abreu, Selton Mello, Alessandra Negrini), great songs, great locations, great direction. It’s a movie to see, to smile, to cry, to sing together… If you haven’t saw it yet, rush rush.

Variety: An affectionate if pokey tribute-cum-love letter to the sublime musical art of bossa nova, vet helmer Walter Lima Jr.’s “Out of Tune” dramatizes the rocky course of Os Desafinados, a combo that hits its’60s stride, only to run afoul of Brazil’s political fortunes. Pic exercises a strong grasp of musicians’ aspirations and social realities, though the script’s over-elaborate flashback structure and melodramatic tendencies hold it back. Local May release will be boosted by star Rodrigo Santoro’s name, with some European club dates — more in fests than commercial theaters — to follow.

Os Desafinados Screencaptures

You may are thinking: “Finally she started adding things to this site”. It was my fault, I’m sorry. But better late than never, right?
There’s new magazine scans and photoshoots added to our gallery. Thanks to Nat and Mariana for sending in the scans.
Both photoshoots are pretty new, sadly one of them have watermarks, but hopefully I can replace it one day.

And also, Lu has sent me a picture she taken from Quem Magazine, issue of January 02. She was in a beauty saloon and remembered us when saw a Christmas Card signed by Rodrigo to all the magazine readers. The pictures she took with her cellphone were also added to the gallery. Thank you!

2009 Magazines – Quem – January 02
2009 Magazines – Isto E Gente – January 12
2007 Magazines – Set
Photoshoot #28 – Taken in October 08
Photoshoot #27 – Taken in January

Rodrigo is promoting his new movie, “I Love You Phillip Morris” in Sundance, alongside the movie stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Check the pictures of Premiere and Press Conference:

2009 – I Love You Phillip Morris Sundance Press Conference
2009 – I Love You Phillip Morris Sundance Premiere
2009 – Out & About with Ewan McGregor in Sundance

Rodrigo are still in the Roma Film Festival, and today he was at Auditorium della Conciliazione to see Caetano Veloso.

See the pictures:

2008 Rome Film Festival – Caetano Veloso at Auditorium della Conciliazione

I found some pictures (thanks and credits goes to Cineando) of Madrid photocall of Che last September 02. Great to see that Rodrigo is promoting his film since he was scheduled to go to Toronto, the premiere was Sept 10 and he wasn’t.

Well, also I found HQ pictures of the brazilian press conference of “Os Desafinados”, credits and thanks to DJ Edu Lopes, and updated this album.

“Os Desafinados” press conference*updated!
“Che” Madrid Photocall – September 02