I found some pictures (thanks and credits goes to Cineando) of Madrid photocall of Che last September 02. Great to see that Rodrigo is promoting his film since he was scheduled to go to Toronto, the premiere was Sept 10 and he wasn’t.

Well, also I found HQ pictures of the brazilian press conference of “Os Desafinados”, credits and thanks to DJ Edu Lopes, and updated this album.

“Os Desafinados” press conference*updated!
“Che” Madrid Photocall – September 02

If you want to see “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, but can’t because you don’t live in Brazil, the website TeleNovelasBR it’s displaying ALL episodes at Youtube, since the first one. It worth a visit! Go to the site TeleNovelasBr – Mulheres Apaixonadas ou view their channel at YouTube

There’s some new videos added to Globo Video, part of “Os Desafinados” promotion.

August 22 – Agenda Globo News
Here Rodrigo talks about the movie, and tells that he needs to learn piano for making the movie. Also he tells that he and Joaquin has the same way of searching their dreams and make it real. Click on the picture, to go to the video:

August 26 – Jornal da Globo
A brief Rodrigo interview talking that he needs piano and singing classes during two months, and some movie scenes and behind the scenes. See it:

August 25 – Programa do Jô
And here the interview at “Programa do Jô”, a talk show very similar to Jay Leno, David Letterman, etc. It’s a 15 minutes video where Rodrigo talks about her international career, Laura Linney (that she’s adorable, talented and helped him a lot) Mr Bean and Jim Carrey (they’re serious, too), her work on 300 and what did he feel about being waxed to make Xerxes. See it:

Agenda GloboNews screencaptures
Jornal da Globo screencaptures
Programa do Jô screencaptures

In São Paulo the Ministry of Culture announced today (9) the list of 14 films which will be selected to compete Oscar of best international film in 2009.

The films should be entered until the last Monday (8). The production shall be analyzed by a commission of professionals: Antonio Alfredo Torres Bandeira, Cleber Eduardo Miranda dos Santos, Silvia Maria Sachs Rabello, Maria Dora Genis Mourão, Giba Assis Brasil e Paulo Sérgio Almeida. They shall be coordinated by the secretary of audiovisual policy of the Ministry of Culture, Silvio Da-Rin.

The title chosen to represent Brazil will be announced on September 16th in Rio de Janeiro. This is the list of the films entered:

“A Casa Alice”, Chico Teixeira
“A Via Láctea”, Lina Chamie
“Chega Sauda”, Lais Bodanski
“Era Uma Vez”, Breno Silveira
“Estômago”, Marcos Jorge
“Meu Nome Não é Johnny”, Mauro Lima
“Mutum”, Sandra Kogut
“Nossa Vida Não Cabe Num Opala”, Reinaldo Pinheiro
“Olho Boi”, Hermano Penna
“On Andará Dulce Veiga?”, Guilherme Almeida Prado
“O Passado”, Hector Babenco
“Os Desafinados”, Walter Lima Junior
“O Signo da Cida”, Carlos Alberto Riccelli
“ Última Parada 174”, Bruno Barreto

Added a few video captures to the gallery, of the Marilia Gabriela interview and also for some Mulheres Apaixonadas scenes.

The videos will be added as soon I find some time to configure the new video archive. Also I have a few new videos to cap, but unfortunally I’m having some problems with my computer, and I’m not able to make it for now.

Also, I’m looking for contributions. If you have anything (specially videos) that you can’t see in our site, please, sent in to us. If you’re a Rodrigo fan, you may know it’s particular hard to find material about him. All contributions will be gladly accepted, and credited, of course, Thank you!

Marilia Gabriela Interview (2008) – Video Captures
Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003) – Scene captures: Marina forgives Diogo
Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003) – Scene captures: Diogo and Marina marriage

Today, in Brazil, Rede Globo started to reply “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, the huge 2003 success. The soap opera was also the last soap opera that Rodrigo did.

Of course, it’s being exhibited out of its schedule of classification, so we will have several scene cuts. Today we already had a display of that, the scene that Diego appears in the shower was cut for less than five seconds. The original scene had about two minutes and it was commented on by months and months.

Let’s wait to see if Globo places the official website on air again, so we can serve as videos of Rodrigo.

It’s available a short video with a few minutes of Rodrigo’s last night interview to Marilia Gabriela. The interview was so great, and Rodrigo was, of course, charismatic and great as always.