Well, finally the ones who doesn’t have access to Cable TV can view Rodrigo on Lost! Since last night, Rede Globo is showing the 3rd season, everyday after the last journal.
Last night we saw “A Tale of Two Cities”, and probably tomorrow we will see the first episode with Rodrigo on scene.

We will covering day by day, posting episodes sumaries (also pictures and videos) so if you’re brazilian, don’t forget to check our portuguese version of the site.

Todos os dias, devido à exibição de Lost pela Rede Globo, a versão em português do site será atualizada diariamente. Não deixe de verificar nosso endereço exclusivo aos fãs da língua portuguesa:


Also, some gossip websites are reporting the end of Rodrigo’s relationship with Ellen Jabour. I’m not giving them any credit because since Rodrigo and Ellen started to date, the press spots their marriage and their finished relationship many times. There’s no official word about this from Rodrigo, and Ellen’s agent doesn’t confirm the news.
Also, since I have a deeply respect from Rodrigo and his wishes, and I know he hates all this spotlight on his personal life, I won’t be talking about this here until we got an official word from him.

On the movies side, Redbelt will open in theaters April 25. Also, Os Desafinados finally will open in Brazilian theaters in May 02. Can’t wait!

I found two more Redbelt stills, I can’t wait to see this movie.
Also, ComingSoon has the movie trailer, you can watch it here.

Redbelt Promotional

Well, since our beginning, we were home of approved Rodrigo Santoro fanlisting. Unfortunally I had some personal problems and had to stay offline, and Mariana did the fanlisting to someone else.

But today I’m proud to say that the approved fanlisting for Rodrigo Santoro is ours, again. Emma Jane has emailed me asking if I was interested in taking care of it, since the person who has took it never opened it, and I, well, didn’t think twice.

All previous 2022 members were re-added to the fanlisting. So if you’re member, please, go to the list members, find your information and please, let the listing updated!
And if you’re not a member yet, what you are waiting?