Rodrigo will be in Brazil next year. He will do on stage “A Música Segunda“, from french Marguerite Duras.
His partner will be Maria Fernanda Cândido, and they will be directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho.

out-1107.jpgIt is not of today that Rodrigo Santoro is seeing piloting a motion for the streets of Rio De Janeiro. He seems to be addicted to two wheels.

In the afternoon of this monday, 26, the actor was seen again in company of his Yamaha, in Leblon. The boyfriend of Ellen Jabourshowed that he is not neglected, using helmet. Who lives in the region can celebrate: the scene is if becoming common in the neighbourhood.

After did a search around the web, to find the GAP picture in better quality, I found some new pictures we haven’t yet, and added it to the gallery.


2007 – Hering campaign
2007 – GAP campaign
2007 – Torolla Corolla Campaign
2007 – Shopping Ibirapuera – Life Magazine
2007 – Shopping Ibirapuera – Valentine Days campaign
Instyle Magazine – April 07
Isto é Gente – May 04
Não Por Acaso – Poster
Não Por Acaso – Stills

Enjoy! ;)

As I told you before, Rodrigo Santoro and model Caroline Trentini scored the Holiday campaign for The Gap, in billboards and phone booths all over America.

Still looking better pictures to show you. :)

The Philippe Barcinski’s “Not By Chance,” (Não Por Acaso) produced by Fernando Meirelles was screened today at 33rd Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva, Spain.

There’s no news about Rodrigo being attented the festival, but I’ll let you informed.

Sorry for my late in posting these ones. I made 628 screencaptures from Rodrigo in Bicho de Sete Cabeças, and added to our gallery. Will try to make some clips to add in our video archive.

Bicho de Sete Cabeças: screencaptures

Buena Onda Americas, the new U.S.-based Latino-focused production shingle, is rapidly raising its ante, launching three ambitious productions: “Anarcomarca,” (Pink Cocaine) “Morro velho” (The Old Mountain) and “Capitaes de areas” (Captains of the Sands)…

… Set in the epic highland of Minas in central Brazil, “Old Mountain” is billed as a Brazilian “Novecento,” charting the childhood friendship and adult-life confrontation of a rich landowner’s son and the son of his humble black foreman.

Rodrigo Santoro is in advanced talks to play the heir. Clara Bellar will play the love interest.

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