Rodrigo is set to appear on the “Alma Awards” on Tuesday June 5. This show honours Latin actors. The show will aired at CBS (or ABC, need check) from 9-11pm. Thanks to Mary Ann for the heads up!

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Redbelt is set to star the comedic actor Tim Allen. According to Variety, David Mamet wrote and will direct the martial arts comedy.

Chiwete Ejiofor, Emily Mortimer, Alice Braga, Joe Mantegna, Rodrigo Santoro, Ricky Jay, David Paymer, Rebecca Pidgeon and Jose Pablo Cantillo are all set to star alongside Allen.

The film follows the adventures of a Jiu-jitsu master who loses his way when he falls into the movie business. Before long he is conned into using his skills in a couple of ultimate fighting matches.

Allen will play a down-on-his-luck action star that meets the master after getting his behind handed to him in a street fight.

Production is set to start in June.

Source: Variety

I’ve uploaded 22 pictures from Rodrigo attenting the LA premiere from Shrek, last May 6.


It’s being vehiculate here in Brazil a new tv advertisement with Rodrigo. It’s a shopping center campaign to mother days. I’ve added a small picture on the ads, and as soon I get the movie clip, I’ll post it here to you. You can find some bts pictures in Ana Bean Jean’s Flickr, her sister has been worked in the commercial. As I don’t have permission to repost here the pics, you will need to go to her page, in order to see the pics.

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It was launched the website for “Não Por Acaso” movie. It’s only in portuguese language, but you can find pictures, wallpapers and a screensaver avaliable to download.

Não Por Acaso

I’ve uploaded the pictures and the wallpapers here. Enjoy:

Rodrigo Santoro was the great sensation of “Cine PE-Festival of the Audiovisual”, in Recife. The actor arrived in Recife for the exhibition of the movie “Não Por Acaso” (Not By chance), and was a bit stressed because of the great number of people around the place.
In the friday, 27, he participated with the cast formed by Letícia Sabatella, Branca Messina and Leonardo Medeiros, to the exhibition in the Center of Conventions of Olinda. There was more than three thousand people in the place. By little the film could not be seen, the photographers did not stop to take pictures on him. In the following day, Saturday, 28, he participate of a press conference. When going down of the stage, for the interview with the journalists, Santoro was surrounded by ten fans. After posing and giving autographs, he caught the elevator to leave the place. When the door opened, Rodrigo needed the help of the security to leave it. More than fifty fans had run in his direction!

See pictures above:

I’ve just added 3 new videos to our video gallery. As I promised, uploaded the new Bradesco campaign, there’s two different videos avaliable. Also, my dear friend Mariana has sent a little spot from AXN Flix. Enjoy.

Also, added a picture from Bradesco campaign to the gallery, and two pictures from an event Rodrigo attented in the last April 11.

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Rodrigo is nominated for Best Villain as Xerxes in 300. You can vote for him here:

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