Guess what? Rodrigo is here in Brazil. He cames today and makes a surprise to his girlfriend, Ellen Jabour, in her birthday.I found some LQ pictures from both in her apartment, posing to photographers:

Since the news are a little scassed now, and Rodrigo is just surfing around in Hawaii, I’m looking for features to add here. Here’s the screencaps of the full trailer of 300:

Every hawaian season we can find celebrities surfing or walking in North Shore of Oahu. With Santoro, can’t be different. The actor was found surfing in Rocky Point.

I reorganized the entire gallery. There was a lot of duplicated pictures, so I’ve deleted it, reorganized all pictures, replaced some tagged for untagged ones, and uploaded some pictures I found in this time. And made a new layout. Unfortunally all previous registrations was losted, but you can register again to see the pictures, it’s still fast and free. The gallery is now located into it’s own subdomain, you can find it here:

Also, there’s a 11 new videos into our video section, currently with 48 videos online. There’s scenes from Estrela Guia, Hilda Furacão and Hoje é Dia de Maria, with Santoro singing as the bird Amado. You can find, too, new commercials, a better quality version of Chanel AD and two videos from a STD campaign Rodrigo did with other brazilian celebrities. Also, two mini videos from an event arrival in 2004 (so cute) and two video musics.

My final alert goes to a current campaign Rodrigo made for a Curitiba’s (brazilian city) shopping center, for the christmas season. You can view the posters here:

Also, I’ve uploaded the commercial here:

And took some captures, you can find it here:

I hope you enjoy the updates. Now, I think I deserve a comment here.